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Amalgam Waste


We have partnerships to dispose of amalgam waste produced by dentists in the Michigan and Ohio area responsibly to ensure exposure to the Mercury, biohazardous waste, and other chemicals don’t harm the environment as well as any person who may come into contact with it if not disposed of properly.


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Disposing of Your Amalgam Waste Responsibly is Imperative to Your Business and Our Environment


Amalgam waste is common waste for dental offices as a product of dental fillings. The excess waste contains Mercury which is a harmful compound to the environment and can effect water ways and public sewage if not disposed of properly. Recently, The EPA and ADA implemented strict regulations in regard to how amalgam waste is disposed of. The separators help capture the amalgam waste preventing it from washing into the plumbing to mitigate the amount of mercury entering our sewage and ecosystems.

Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters is familiar with all of the regulations and proper ways to dispose of amalgam waste. Once we collect the waste from you, we take it to a separator for it to be responsibly disposed of. Ensure your dental office is doing so responsibly by contacting Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters today!




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