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Biohazard Waste Disposal


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Biohazard Waste Disposal


Biohazard Waste Disposal. When you work with bodily fluids, blood, sharps, and different medical equipment supplies infectious waste, it is imperative that you have a reliable solution to dispose of this hazardous waste responsibly. That’s where we come in.


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Waste materials including waste containing blood pose a serious threat to public health and the environment if not disposed on properly Bio-Med Waste Transporters provides safe biohazardous waste removal for your industry that meet or exceed the legal requirements established by government agencies such as the EPA and OSHA. Typically, your regulated waste is either incinerated or autoclaved for complete sterilization.

Bio-MED also provides safe removal services and solutions to both trace and bulk chemotherapy waste in regulated and hazardous forms. This includes supplies to administer the chemo such as vials, IV tubes, bags, gloves, gowns, and more. Remember to dispose of them properly with appropriate packaging, labeling, and placement in special containers. Similarly, we are equipped to help hospitals, surgical centers, research labs, veterinarians, and funeral homes dispose of pathological waste including organs, tissue, fluids, carcasses, and more. If you have questions regarding which products will be best for containing these materials in your industry, we will be happy to help you.




Disposing of Biohazard Waste

May 25, 2022

Disposing of Biohazard Waste Disposing of Biohazard Waste. There are different types of regulated medical waste. One that is generated the most throughout many different industries, but especially in healthcare is Biohazardous or Infectious Waste. This waste could potentially contain highly dangerous biological agents and should be handled or treated as if it does. Agents could […]

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