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Save Money With
Bio-MED Medical Waste Management

Save Money With Bio-MED

Save Money With Bio-MED. When you bundle your services you use every day with Bio-MED, you save money! Looking for cost-effective medical waste disposal services, we offer that also. With our own medical waste processing plant we are able to offer you high quality services at economical prices. Streamline the process of billing, medical waste disposal, secure document shredding, compliance training, pharmaceutical and RCRA hazardous waste with one established, experienced, company to take care of all your needs. 

Did you know along with having our own in-house medical waste processing plant Bio-MED also has its own commercial shredding plant?  

We offer commercial shredding of documents, hard drives, product, and more. With our shredding services you can rest assured your data is secure. From our locked security consoles, our in-house HIPAA compliant shredding plant, to our certificates of destruction, we have you covered. Contact us today to find out how you can Save Money With Bio-MED.

Great Rates On Medical Waste Disposal Services Even Without Bundling – Contact Bio-MED Today!

About Bio-MED

The best part is that it is all done by an experienced company with over 25 years in business. Our highly trained employees, our brand, our medical waste processing plant, our commercial shredding plant. One company to take care of all your needs.

Save Time

When you only have one bill versus four or five, one company to call for multiple services vs. one vendor for this and one vendor for that, it saves time.

Priority Service

As a bundled customer with Bio-MED you also get priority service. Save Money With Bio-MED. We give all of our customers high quality services at economical prices but as a bundled customer your account takes the highest priority tier, even offering direct access to the owner of Bio-MED, we want to earn your business with transparency, high quality in-house services at economical prices.

When you win, we win, our employees and customers are our most important asset. We take pride in the infrastructure we have built, the quality of service we provide and our economical pricing structure.

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