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Step 1When the container is 3/4 full or reaches the full mark it is time to seal your container.

Pro Tip: Do not push the waste down.

Step 2Prepare the bag to be secure by bringing the tops of the bags together and reaching down 8-12 inches on the bag, be careful to not touch or grab contents of the bag.

Now holding the top of the bag with one hand and the other hand 8-12 inches down on the bag, twist the top of the bag until it looks like a rope.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to wear PPE.
Step 3The bag now needs to be secured so it will not leak during transport. There are two accepted methods. The first one is an overhand knot.

This is done by making a loop section in the rope part of the bag and inserting the end through the hole and pulling tightly on both ends.

Pro Tip: Do not use the bunny ear method, it will leak.
Step 3.1An alternative way to sealing the bag is the gooseneck method.

This is done by folding the rope end of the bag over itself and sealing with plastic zip ties or duct tape.

Pro Tip: When using duct tape and PPE gloves be careful not to touch the two together.
Step 4Ensure that the red biohazard bag is securely tied and fully contained within the medical waste transport container, with no part of the bag protruding.

The containers lid should be securely fastened and fit flat on top to ensure safe and compliant transport.

Pro Tip: Ensure that the bag is properly tied, nothing is protruding, and the lid is secure.

Learn the proper techniques for packaging medical waste safely and compliantly with our step-by-step guide. Discover tips on securing biohazard bags, ensuring containers are sealed correctly, and preventing contamination.