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Glendale Heights, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal

Glendale Heights, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal. Glendale Heights, Illinois, is a dynamic suburb of Chicago, known for its diverse community and vibrant lifestyle. Nestled in DuPage County, this city combines the charm of suburban life with the conveniences of urban living. As the healthcare needs of this growing population evolve, so does the necessity for efficient and responsible medical waste disposal. Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions stands ready to meet these needs, offering comprehensive services tailored to the Glendale Heights community.

Glendale Heights: A Snapshot of Community and Healthcare

Since its incorporation in 1959, Glendale Heights has transformed from a small farming community to a thriving suburban town. It is home to landmarks such as the Camera Park, where residents enjoy various recreational activities, and the Glendale Lakes Golf Club, offering serene views and challenging play. In terms of healthcare, the town is serviced by nearby facilities such as Adventist GlenOaks Hospital, providing essential medical services to the community and generating a significant amount of medical waste that requires professional handling.

Bio-MED’s Comprehensive Medical Waste Services in Glendale Heights

Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions employs a holistic approach to medical waste disposal, underpinned by decades of experience and a team of directly hired and trained professionals. Our services are designed to address the unique waste management needs of healthcare providers in Glendale Heights, ensuring safe, compliant, and efficient disposal processes.

Glendale Heights, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal

Advanced Facilities and Environmental Commitment

Our fleet of vehicles includes an all-electric medical waste transport vehicle, showcasing our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and supporting the environmental goals of the Glendale Heights community. The cornerstone of our operation is our in-house autoclave processing plant, which significantly reduces waste volume while ensuring thorough disinfection.

Additionally, Bio-MED’s in-house shredding plant offers secure and efficient document destruction, complementing our broad spectrum of waste management services.

Sustainable Practices for a Healthier Glendale Heights

Bio-MED’s use of reusable medical waste containers plays a pivotal role in minimizing landfill waste, aligning with our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This practice not only helps preserve the natural beauty of Glendale Heights but also supports the local healthcare providers in maintaining eco-friendly operations.


In Glendale Heights, where community growth and healthcare services continue to advance, the demand for reliable and sustainable medical waste disposal solutions is ever-present. Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions, with its experienced team, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to sustainability, provides the ideal partnership for healthcare facilities in the area. Our comprehensive services ensure that medical waste is managed effectively, allowing healthcare providers in Glendale Heights to focus on their most important task: caring for the health and well-being of the community.

Illinois Medical Waste Disposal Service Area

Illinois Medical Waste Disposal. Bio-MED services the entire state of Illinois including the following cities for medical waste disposal.

Glendale Heights, Illinois About

Glendale Heights, situated in DuPage County, Illinois, boasts a population of 33,176. Characterized predominantly as a residential area, this village serves as a far-western suburb of Chicago, offering a tranquil yet connected living environment for its residents.

Glendale Heights, Illinois medical waste disposal

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Helpful Glendale Heights, Illinois Resources

City Hall
300 Civic Centre Plaza
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
(630) 260-6000

Police Department
300 E Fullerton Ave
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
(630) 260-6070

Fire Department
1608 Bloomingdale Rd
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
(630) 668-5323

Public Works
1615 Glen Ellyn Rd
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
(630) 260-6040

Health Department
111 N County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Chamber of Commerce
300 Civic Centre Plaza
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
(630) 909-5361

Glendale Heights, Illinois Interesting Information

Once a quaint farming enclave under the Glen Ellyn post office, Glendale Heights was a hidden gem with merely 104 residents in 1959. The tides of change began with Midland Enterprises, led by the visionary Reskin brothers, Charles and Harold, who embarked on a transformative journey in 1958, purchasing two farms along Glen Ellyn Road north of North Avenue. The first residential developments sprang up on Glen Ellyn Road and Larry Lane near Fullerton Avenue, laying the foundation for a burgeoning community. This evolution culminated on June 16, 1959, when a decisive petition was filed, leading to the official incorporation of Glendale Heights as a village on July 13, marking a new chapter in its storied history.

Key Benefits of Working With Bio-MED
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A Holistic Approach to Medical Waste Management

What truly sets Bio-MED apart is its holistic approach to medical waste management, covering every facet from collection and transportation to treatment and final disposal. This comprehensive system ensures regulatory compliance, safety, and environmental stewardship

Directly Hired and Trained Employees

warehouse medical waste processing

Specialized Fleet, including an All-Electric Vehicle

all electric medical waste transportation vehicle

Ownership of a Medical Waste Processing Plant

medical-waste-treatment plant

Reusable Containers: A Sustainable Solution

Managing Medical Waste Safety and Efficiency

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, Bio-MED employs eco-friendly practices in waste management, including reusable containers, all-electric medical waste transport vehicle, and a medical waste processing plant that reduces waste volume.

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