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Hanover Park, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal

Hanover Park, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal. In the bustling village of Hanover Park, Illinois, located within both Cook and DuPage counties, the intersection of community, history, and healthcare forms the foundation of daily life. This vibrant suburb of Chicago, with its rich array of landmarks and history, also navigates the complexities of medical waste through the expert services provided by Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions.

Hanover Park: A Community Rich in History and Healthcare

Hanover Park, established in 1958, is a community that prides itself on its parks, like the scenic Mallard Lake County Forest Preserve, and its historical significance reflected in local landmarks. The healthcare needs of Hanover Park are met by nearby facilities such as Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village and Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, ensuring the community has access to excellent healthcare services.

The Bio-MED Advantage in Hanover Park

Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions offers a comprehensive medical waste disposal service that aligns with the needs of Hanover Park’s healthcare providers. Our in-house autoclave processing plant exemplifies our commitment to environmental stewardship and public health, significantly reducing waste volume while ensuring thorough disinfection.

Our services extend beyond medical waste disposal with our in-house shredding plant, providing additional shredding services for the secure destruction of sensitive documents, enhancing the privacy and security measures for healthcare facilities.

Emphasizing sustainability, Bio-MED utilizes reusable medical waste containers to dramatically reduce the amount of waste destined for landfills. This approach not only supports the environment but also offers an efficient and responsible waste management solution for Hanover Park’s healthcare providers.

Hanover Park, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal

Bio-MED’s holistic approach to medical waste management is supported by a team of experienced, directly hired, and trained employees, ensuring a high standard of service and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our fleet of vehicles, including an all-electric medical waste transport vehicle, reflects our dedication to reducing the environmental impact and providing reliable, efficient service throughout Hanover Park.


Hanover Park, with its blend of historical richness and modern healthcare needs, requires a medical waste disposal service that is both effective and environmentally conscious. Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions, with its advanced facilities, sustainable practices, and dedicated team, is the trusted partner for healthcare providers in Hanover Park. Our comprehensive and environmentally responsible approach ensures that the community’s healthcare facilities can focus on patient care, secure in the knowledge that their medical waste disposal needs are in expert hands.

Illinois Medical Waste Disposal Service Area

Illinois Medical Waste Disposal. Bio-MED services the entire state of Illinois including the following cities for medical waste disposal.

Hanover Park, Illinois About

Nestled between Cook and DuPage counties in Illinois, Hanover Park shines as a suburban gem just outside Chicago. Boasting a vibrant population of 37,470, this village is more than just a number; it’s a community brimming with life and diversity. Within its bounds lies Ontarioville, a charming neighborhood that adds to the unique tapestry of Hanover Park, offering residents and visitors alike a glimpse into the village’s rich character and welcoming spirit.

Hanover Park, Illinois medical waste disposal

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Helpful Hanover Park, Illinois Resources

City Hall
2121 W Lake Street
Hanover Park, IL 60133

Police Department
2011 W Lake St
Hanover Park, IL 60133
(630) 823-5500

Fire Department
6850 Barrington Rd
Hanover Park, IL 60133
(630) 823-5800

Public Works
2041 W Lake St
Hanover Park, IL 60133

Health Department
1111 W Lake St
Addison, IL 60101

Chamber of Commerce
27W250 Ontarioville Rd
Hanover Park, IL 60133
(630) 372-2009

Hanover Park, Illinois Interesting Information

Ontarioville, the original moniker for what is now known as Hanover Park, holds a fascinating slice of history on the cusp of Cook and DuPage Counties. Imagine the year 1836, when stagecoaches were the Uber of the era, bustling along Lake Trail (also dubbed Grant Highway and later Lake Street), carrying adventurous souls all the way to Galena. Fast forward to 1872, when the iron horse era galloped in with the Chicago & Pacific Railroad (destined to become the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul), laying tracks across land generously donated by Edwin Bartlett. Bartlett wasn’t just giving away dirt; he was paving the path to progress, gifting over seven acres to birth a depot that would anchor the community’s growth and connectivity.

Key Benefits of Working With Bio-MED
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A Holistic Approach to Medical Waste Management

What truly sets Bio-MED apart is its holistic approach to medical waste management, covering every facet from collection and transportation to treatment and final disposal. This comprehensive system ensures regulatory compliance, safety, and environmental stewardship

Directly Hired and Trained Employees

warehouse medical waste processing

Specialized Fleet, including an All-Electric Vehicle

all electric medical waste transportation vehicle

Ownership of a Medical Waste Processing Plant

medical-waste-treatment plant

Reusable Containers: A Sustainable Solution

Managing Medical Waste Safety and Efficiency

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, Bio-MED employs eco-friendly practices in waste management, including reusable containers, all-electric medical waste transport vehicle, and a medical waste processing plant that reduces waste volume.

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