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Peoria, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal

Peoria, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal. Peoria, Illinois, serves as a vibrant urban center in the heart of the state, blending its rich historical heritage with a dynamic present that includes a robust healthcare infrastructure. As one of Illinois’ oldest and most significant cities, Peoria has a crucial role in regional healthcare, necessitating an efficient and responsible approach to medical waste disposal. Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions steps up to this challenge, offering comprehensive waste management services that align with Peoria’s commitment to community health and environmental stewardship.

Historical Background

Founded in the late 17th century and incorporated in 1845, Peoria is steeped in history, originally flourishing as a riverfront trading post. Over the years, it has grown into a significant economic and cultural hub, historically known as a benchmark for demographic, economic, and social characteristics reflective of the broader Midwestern United States.

Geographical Context

Located along the Illinois River, Peoria is ideally positioned midway between Chicago and St. Louis, which enhances its strategic importance in terms of logistics and accessibility. This central location supports its healthcare and business sectors, enabling effective service delivery within and beyond the city limits.

Local Landmarks and Healthcare Facilities

Peoria is home to the Peoria Riverfront Museum, a major cultural institution offering exhibits ranging from science and art to history and achievement. The city also boasts beautiful parks like the Luthy Botanical Garden, which contribute to its residents’ quality of life.

In healthcare, Peoria is a regional medical hub with facilities like the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, one of the largest hospitals in the region that includes a Level I Trauma Center and a children’s hospital. Such extensive healthcare services highlight the critical need for reliable medical waste disposal to ensure both patient safety and environmental protection.

Peoria, Illinois Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal by Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions

Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions is a leader in the medical waste disposal industry, providing Peoria with services that are not only compliant with regulatory standards but also environmentally conscious.

Bio-MED’s Service Highlights:

A Holistic Approach: Bio-MED manages every aspect of medical waste from its point of generation to final disposal, ensuring a comprehensive service that meets all health and safety standards.

Directly Hired and Trained Employees: Each team member at Bio-MED is directly hired and receives extensive training, emphasizing their commitment to professional service and expertise in handling complex waste challenges.

Specialized Fleet: Their fleet includes vehicles specifically equipped for medical waste transport, highlighted by an all-electric vehicle that supports Peoria’s environmental goals by reducing emissions.

Ownership of a Medical Waste Processing Plant: Operating their own processing plant allows Bio-MED precise control over the disposal process, enhancing safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Reusable Containers: Bio-MED uses reusable containers to reduce waste and promote sustainability, reflecting their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Environmental Stewardship: Dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of waste disposal, Bio-MED implements practices that preserve natural resources and promote long-term sustainability.


Peoria’s continuing growth as a healthcare center increases the importance of effective medical waste management. Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions offers the necessary expertise, resources, and commitment to ensure that Peoria’s medical facilities can operate safely and sustainably. Their approach not only protects public health but also supports Peoria’s environmental objectives, making them an invaluable partner in the city’s ongoing development and community health efforts.

Peoria, Illinois About

Peoria is a city in and county seat of Peoria County, Illinois. Located on the Illinois River, the city has a population of 113,150. It is the principal city of the Peoria metropolitan area in Central Illinois, consisting of the counties of Fulton, Marshall, Peoria, Stark, Tazewell, and Woodford, which has a population of 402,391.

Peoria, Illinois medical waste disposal

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Helpful Peoria, Illinois Resources

City Hall
419 Fulton St
Peoria, IL 61602
(309) 494-2273

Police Department
600 SW Adams St
Peoria, IL 61602
(309) 673-4521

Fire Department
2105 W Northmoor Rd
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 494-8700

Health Department
5415 N University St
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 693-5360

Public Works
3505 N Dries Ln
Peoria, IL 61604
(309) 494-8800

Chamber of Commerce
403 NE Jefferson St
Peoria, IL 61603
(309) 495-5900

Peoria, Illinois Interesting Information

The city is associated with the phrase “Will it play in Peoria?”, which may have originated from the vaudeville era and is often spuriously attributed to Groucho Marx. Museums in the city include the Pettengill–Morron House, the John C. Flanagan House, and the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Key Benefits of Working With Bio-MED
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A Holistic Approach to Medical Waste Management

What truly sets Bio-MED apart is its holistic approach to medical waste management, covering every facet from collection and transportation to treatment and final disposal. This comprehensive system ensures regulatory compliance, safety, and environmental stewardship

Directly Hired and Trained Employees

warehouse medical waste processing

Specialized Fleet, including an All-Electric Vehicle

all electric medical waste transportation vehicle

Ownership of a Medical Waste Processing Plant

medical-waste-treatment plant

Reusable Containers: A Sustainable Solution

Managing Medical Waste Safety and Efficiency

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, Bio-MED employs eco-friendly practices in waste management, including reusable containers, all-electric medical waste transport vehicle, and a medical waste processing plant that reduces waste volume.

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