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Dentists. Your practice deserves a company that understands the waste removal requirements of dental offices. Bio-MED has worked with dentists across Michigan and Ohio for three decades, so we understand what it takes to satisfy your sharps, amalgam waste, and infectious material containment needs.

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As a dentist, you have a responsibility to dispose of the waste you generate in a proper fashion. Mercury as a product of crowns and fillings is a dangerous substance that can become extremely harmful to the environment if disposed of recklessly. Patient records need to be handled and shredded with care. Bio-MED understands all of these needs and more, which makes us the perfect waste disposal team to work with. Our disposal services adhere to all strict guidelines, including those set forth by organizations such as OSHA, HIPAA, the EPA, and ADA. We also have the knowledge and experience to offer suggestions as to how you could reduce the amount of waste your office generates. Trust our experts with your medical and non-medical waste by contacting us for a free quote today.

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