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Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes. Due to the nature of your work, we know you come into contact with all kinds of regulated waste. Bio-MED offers the mortuary industry with compliant solutions to dispose of biohazardous and sharps waste throughout Michigan and Ohio.

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Even though you are dealing with those who have passed on, it is still imperative to be careful with the waste your funeral home produces. Biohazardous substances, such as blood, bodily fluids, organs, chemicals, and more need to be disposed of in a safe manner to protect anyone else from contamination. Your sharps like needles and scalpels need to be secured in a puncture-proof container to mitigate risk of injury and infection. When it comes to all of these types of waste and more, we have products and services to assist with managing the disposal of generated waste. We are familiar with all compliance laws, so you can feel confident that your waste is being handled properly.

Medical Waste Disposal

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