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Hospitals generate more biohazardous waste than any other industry for obvious reasons. However, their waste isn’t siloed to just biohazardous or even hazardous waste. With three decades of experience behind us, Bio-MED understands what your hospital needs to operate efficiently on all waste removal fronts. 

Complete Waste Removal Services for Hospitals Throughout Michigan and Ohio

From Biohazardous Waste to Pharmaceutical, Universal, and Even Integrated Waste, Bio-MED Has Safe Disposal Solutions for You 

With so many different facets of waste generation happening, it’s no wonder why hospitals are in such dire need of a reliable waste management and removal company. We specialize in aiding hospitals with their waste removal and disposal needs, as well as offering consulting services to help identify areas of optimization when it comes to their waste processes. This can help expedite your waste solutions as well as reduce costs by identifying opportunities for recycling, consolidation, and more efficient waste collection. No matter what your goals are, Bio-MED can help you. For sustainable and cost-effective solutions for sharps management, pharmaceutical waste, universal waste, document shredding, and of course biohazardous waste, contact our experts today. 

Medical Waste Disposal

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