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Long-Term Care Providers

Long-Term Care Providers

Long-Term Care Providers. You take care of your residents, and we’ll take care of your medical and non-medical waste disposal needs. From sharps containers, to document shredding for patient records, Bio-MED is the source for regulated waste removal you can count on.

We’re Partners with Long-Term Care Providers for Waste in Michigan

We Will Handle, Transport, and Dispose of a Variety of Waste Streams 

Nursing homes can generate large volumes of regulated waste from needles and syringes to administer medication to the physical medication itself that is expired or unusable. We provide reliable solutions to contain and responsibly dispose of these types of wastes and more. We build a close relationship with administrative staff and get to know the needs of the long-term care facility so we can identify the best waste solutions for your business. All of our services are 100% compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and follow other strict regulations, so you can feel confident that your waste is being disposed of properly. Together, we can create a safer place for your staff and your residents to be in with optimal waste management processes. 

Medical Waste Disposal

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