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Non-Medical Business

Non-Medical Business

Non-Medical Business. Our services aren’t limited to businesses that solely generate medical or hazardous waste. Bio-MED works with a variety of non-medical businesses throughout Michigan and Ohio providing reliable waste removal services.

We Have Retail Waste Removal Services for Businesses of All Kinds in Michigan and Ohio

Unique and Specialized Solutions for Your Business’s Biohazard Waste Removal Requirements

Some of our clients simply need one or two of our services, and Bio-MED is happy to offer them. Tattoo parlors may only need sharps management services and containers. Law firms have piles of documents with sensitive information that need to be shredded after cases are closed. In instances where expired or contaminated merchandise such as nail polish, pool chemicals, cosmetics, cleaners, and pesticides are returned, retail stores are legally required to dispose of the items in a responsible manner.

Bio-MED has excellent, cost-effective solutions and products to help each of these businesses fulfill their waste management needs. Let us help you with your unique removal and disposal requirements by contacting our team today to customize a plan specific to your business.

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