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School Systems

School Systems

School Systems. When it comes to the educational systems in Michigan and Ohio, next to the educational aspect, safety is a top priority. Bio-MED aids you in your mission of creating a safe environment for all students and staff by providing products and services to manage potentially dangerous waste.

Regulated School Waste Removal to Keep Students and Staff Safe in Michigan

Our Regulated Waste Management Services Ensure Regulations and Protocols are Followed Closely

In schools, colleges, and universities, waste generation is a natural byproduct of the educational process. Science labs use harmful chemicals to conduct unique experiments. Sharps are used to explore the medical field and administer medicine. All of these types of waste and more must be disposed of through proper channels to ensure that students and staff are properly protected.

Bio-MED offers solutions for all of your waste handling and removal needs from sharps containers to document shredding, chemical containment and disposal, and more. Let our waste specialists discuss your school’s unique waste disposal needs and identify areas of opportunity to make your waste management processes easier.

Medical Waste Disposal

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