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Integrated Waste Solutions


Integrated Waste Solutions. Because Bio-MED Medical Transporters services a wide variety of industries in Michigan and Ohio, we know that they usually produce a combination of several types of waste, especially in medical, laboratory research, and governmental fields. We will help you develop and implement a plan designed to help you generate less waste and combine your waste removal.


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Chances are that if you require one of our services and solutions, you could need more than that to help optimize your waste generation and removal within your facility. For example, we work with many hospitals and medical facilities around the state for biohazardous, hazardous, pharmaceutical, and document shredding services. Rather than having separate services for all of these needs, Bio-MED Medical Transporters combines them into one easy collection so your complete waste removal is a smoother process and gets disposed of or recycled responsibly. We will help you identify areas of improvement within your facility, or ways in which you could produce less waste, while still adhering to local, state, and federal laws regarding waste disposal. Together, we can be committed to bettering the health and safety of our environment.




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