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Integrated Waste Solutions

Integrated Waste Solutions. Because Bio-MED Medical waste services a wide variety of industries in the Midwest, we know that they usually produce a combination of several types of waste, especially in medical, laboratory research, and governmental fields. We will help you develop and implement a plan designed to help you generate less waste and combine your waste removal.


Integrated Waste Solutions

What Is Integrated Waste Management?

Our integrated waste management is a holistic approach to managing waste and services that many healthcare facilities require. It’s an integrated system that brings together different waste management techniques and services, including collection, treatment, recycling, and disposal. Integrated Waste Management (IWM) programs use a mixture of strategies to manage all types of waste effectively while also reducing the negative effects on the environment as much as possible. Integrated Waste Management combines different methods to create a comprehensive and sustainable process for managing your organization’s service needs and waste streams.

What Are the Benefits of an Integrated Waste Management System?

There are many benefits to implementing an integrated waste management system, including: Improved overall waste management: Increasing the effectiveness of waste management and services can help organizations save money and reduce their resources needed to oversee vendors services, as well as reduce their environmental impact. Reduced waste management costs: When waste is managed more effectively, there is less material that needs to be disposed of, which means lower costs for treating and disposing of those materials. Reduced risk of legal and regulatory issues: Improperly managed waste can lead to fines and other consequences, so an effective IWM system can help to avoid these issues. Improved staff satisfaction: Staff members who are more engaged in their work are more likely to be happy and productive at work. Better public relations: An IWM system that successfully reduces the amount of waste and negative environmental impacts can build positive public relations for an organization.

How Does Integrated Waste Management Work?

An integrated waste management system works by bringing together the various elements of waste management, and services typically required by healthcare facilities. For medical waste management it includes source reduction, segregation, reusable containers, treatment, and risk management. Medical waste management professionals will typically have experience with all of these areas, so they can work together with you to come up with a system that manages all types of waste effectively. An IWM services program will begin with common services required by healthcare organizations like compliance training programs, and HIPAA compliant document shredding services. This can also involve activities such as standardized purchasing practices and training employees about the importance of reducing waste at the source.

Examples of Integrated Waste Management

Some examples of Integrated Waste Management and services would include, medical waste management, pharmaceutical disposal, RCRA waste, electronic data destruction, secure HIPAA document shredding services, and compliance training for healthcare facilities.

Dealing With One Vendor vs. Multiple Vendors

If you choose to work with a single vendor for all of your waste management needs and common services, you will be able to gain efficiencies through economies of scale. Better pricing, more efficient use of your employee’s time, etc.

If you choose to work with multiple vendors for parts of your waste management and service needs, you may encounter difficulties due to communication issues, timing, the volume of contacts for multiple waste and service streams.

Working with a single vendor can also help you to negotiate better rates. Everyone knows the combo meal is priced better than buying each meal item individually, the same is true here.

About Us

Bio-MED’s integrated waste management is a holistic approach to waste management and common services that brings together different medical waste management needs and common service needs into a management system that is beneficial to both parties.

It is more economical for us to provide one company multiple services within the same stop that creates a comprehensive system.

It will reduce waste management costs and service cost for you, reduce risk of fines, and consequences, it can also improve staff satisfaction by streamlining services within one vendor.