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Factors for Selecting a Medical Waste Company

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Factors for Selecting a Medical Waste Company. Whether you’re opening a new facility that will generate medical waste or you’re looking for a new medical waste management company to partner with, there are some factors to consider when finding the right partner for you. It is important to pick a partner that’s going to keep you compliant. As a regulated medical waste generator, always remember that you are responsible for the safe and compliant disposal of your waste, even after it leaves your facility. The medical waste management partner you pick should have a spotless compliance record as well. That will give you the confidence knowing they are following all local, state, and federal guidelines as well. So how do you pick the right partner? There are basic questions you can ask the potential partner to help in your decision making. This article will cover some of those considerations.

What Disposal Method is Being Used to Treat the Medical Waste?

There are only a few compliant methods for disposing of medical waste. Find out what method the waste management company is using. Proper treatment of the potentially infectious waste helps sterilize it so that it’s safe for further disposal and minimizes environmental pollutants or dangerous exposure to people. Some methods of safe disposal can include incineration, steam sterilization/autoclave, and other disinfection methods. Certain waste types may require special treatment. Special operating permits may be required for treating medical waste. 

Are Staff Members Handling Medical Waste Properly Trained?

According to OSHA regulations, any person handling potentially infectious waste in the workplace is required to follow safety regulations and complete routine training. Bloodborne Pathogen training and hazard communications are among the trainings generally required. Additional training may be required and can vary based on the staff member’s responsibilities and job duties. Why is this important for you to know? This will give you peace of mind that workplace safety guidelines are being followed to help avoid potential injuries and in the event an accident does occur, properly trained staff will know exactly what to do.

Are the Disposal Containers DoT Approved?

Often times knowing if the medical waste containers are DoT approved may not always be top of mind for the generator when picking a medical waste pick up company. However, it’s an essential factor of safety and compliance when handling medical waste. OSHA and the Department of Transportation regulate these workplace safety practices. Regulations about how medical waste can be transported, including the container in which it’s transported can vary from state to state and your medical waste transporter should have extensive knowledge of your state’s laws. 

How is the Medical Waste Being Transported?

Many states, including Michigan have compliance guidelines for transporting medical waste. In order to transport waste, generally special permits are required and vehicles must be properly marked as DoT requires. Check with the medical waste management company to confirm they have dedicated vehicles for transporting medical waste.

Is Your Compliance Documentation Maintained and Easy for You to Access?

Your medical waste management partner should provide and maintain documentation of compliant disposal for your medical waste. You may also want it to be accessible for you in case you ever need it at any time. During an OSHA audit or inspection, you must be able to demonstrate proper transport and disposal of your medical waste. Ask the medical waste management company you’re considering partnering with if they provide proper documentation and how accessible it is for you, such as an online Client Portal. The proper documentation should include how it was transported, transporter permits, the processing facility, and date of disposal. 

Selecting A Medical Waste Management Partner That’s Been Trusted for Over 25 Years

At Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters, we have over 25 years experience safely managing medical waste for customers and clients throughout Michigan, Ohio, and northern Kentucky for a variety of customers. Our staff are well versed and trained in Michigan DEQ requirements, as well as local, state, and federal regulations for managing regulated waste. From doctors and dentists, to veterinaries, dermatologists, and tattoo shops, we are the dependable, local partner with the extensive knowledge it takes to help keep our customers compliant and avoid fines for being noncompliant. Call or contact us today for a free quote.




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