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Medical Waste, Introducing Our Newest Commitment to The Environment

Medical Waste, Introducing Our Newest Commitment to The Environment. At Bio-MED our focus has always been providing the best customer experience, this includes reducing our footprint while providing a full array of medical waste services to meet your needs. Our latest step is a fully electric vehicle to pick up your medical waste. So, without further ado, we would like you to meet Bio-MED 2.0 – a fully electric vehicle to transport your medical waste.

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We are always investing in our company to provide you with the best medical waste disposal services possible. This means hand picking our employees, our fleet of vehicles to best meet your needs while being environmentally friendly and treating most of your medical waste at our own in-house medical waste treatment plant.

Why Bio-MED?

Customer Experience

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We believe to be a true full-service provider and to provide the best service possible to our customers, we needed to invest in the touch points. The first spot is our employees who make it all happen. The employees that will come into your facility, as well as the warehouse employees, are all direct employees of ours, who we train and certify, in local, state, and federal regulations, as well as Bio-MED’s policies and procedures.

A Fleet of Vehicles

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The next touch point is the transportation of your medical waste. We have a fleet of vehicles to service your needs, properly equipped to safely haul your medical waste. This allows us to control the routes to keep our footprint to a minimum and to implement the all-new electric vehicle to further reduce our carbon footprint. It also enhances customer experience because we are not limited to one or two vehicles, and we can change routes or send out another vehicle in the case of an emergency, same day pickup request, or any other need that might come up. We control the destiny, so we can take care of our customers.

Our Medical Waste Processing Plant

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One of the last steps in the journey is treating the medical waste to be non-infectious. To ensure our customers get timely services and proof of destruction documents right away, we invested in our own medical waste treatment plant. This could allow us to do many things including, timely service, treating, shredding, and recycling.  

Medical Waste Disposal Services

If you are looking for a new medical waste disposal company, look for one that owns the process from start to finish. This type of company has invested the most into providing your service.

In our opinion a full-service medical waste vendor is the best option for many reasons. Your waste is always in our chain of custody, our drivers, our trucks and routing systems, and our medical waste processing plants. Owning the process from start to finish also allows us to provide first class service at economical pricing, no third-parties, middlemen, or sub-contractors driving up the price here. 

Questions to Ask Any Vendor

Is it your directly hired and trained employees that will come to my facility?

Is it your company branded vehicles that will transport my medical waste?

How many vehicles do you own to transport medical waste?

Do you own your own medical waste treatment plant?

Types of Medical Waste Companies

There are three basic types of medical waste companies you will encounter when looking for service, it is important to understand the differences.

The first type is a broker of medical waste, they simply charge you more, then hire a local company for less, and make money from the difference.

The second type is a medical waste hauler. As the type suggest, they simply haul the waste from your facility to a medical waste processing plant in which they do not own or control. Often, these will be one or two truck operations. Think of these as more of a delivery service, they don’t treat the waste or have any control over the treatment or what happens to the waste after it is treated.

The last type is a full-service company, this type of company has invested the most to take care of their customers, directly hired and trained employees, a fleet of vehicles to service your medical waste, and a medical waste processing plant to treat your medical waste. It seems odd that the service you are looking for is a “medical waste disposal company” yet finding a company that treats and disposes of your medical waste from cradle to grave is rarer than you think.

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