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Understanding Your Medical Waste

Understanding Your Medical Waste. Managing the medical waste you generate on-site at any facility can be complicated, but it’s an essential part of your operations. Whether you’re a dentist, veterinary, doctor, urgent care, tattoo shop, or biotech research company, it’s important to understand the different waste types you generate. Understanding the different waste types generated on-site and separating them in their appropriate receptacles or containers will help keep you, your staff, patients, and anyone handling waste safe and compliant.

Classifying Regulated Waste

To help take the guess work out of knowing which containers are used for different waste types, we’ve designed an easy to use Classification Guide. Whether you’re managing sharps or other biohazardous infectious waste, the guide provides examples of containers and examples of waste that’s appropriate to discard in each container.

Integrated Waste Classifications

Many healthcare facilities generate a variety of waste streams. We understand it can be complicated managing various regulated waste types, which is why we created a special waste classification guide for Integrated Waste. The guide includes examples of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste, RCRA, and more.

Covid-19 Considerations

For any facility managing or administering Covid-19 vaccinations such as biotech companies or pharmacies, there are special considerations for the vaccination waste. As not all state regulations are the same, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your local compliance guides regarding Covid-19 vaccine waste. Our Vaccine Waste Management guide provides guidance for disposing of waste from vaccine administration.

Resource Guides: (click below to view/download)

  • Regulated Medical Waste Classification Guide
  • Integrated Regulated Waste Classification Guide
  • NWRA/HWI Covid-19 Vaccine Waste Management Guide

IMPORTANT: Always follow recommendations from local, state, and federal agencies such as OSHA and the EPA for appropriate regulations and compliances guidance.

Partnering with Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters to Dispose of Your Biohazardous Waste

At Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters, we have over 25 years experience partnering with doctors, dentists, veterinaries, and more through Michigan, Ohio, and northern Kentucky to manage their biohazardous and infectious waste of all kinds. We are the experts at managing regulated medical waste for generators of all sizes and help take the guess work out of the disposal process always adhering to all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements to keep you, your staff, your patients, and our teams safe. Contact us today for a free service quote or to get started today with pick up service.




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