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Medical Waste Disposal in Muskegon, Michigan

Medical Waste Disposal in Muskegon, Michigan. Every healthcare facility creates some amount of medical waste as a result of daily operations and patient care. There are many different types of medical waste that needs proper handling, storage, and disposal. Failure to follow correct procedures for disposing of this type of waste can have serious consequences on your facility, employees, and the community at large. Fortunately, you can lean on experienced medical waste disposal companies like Bio-MED on how to train your staff and properly store medical waste. In addition, you can rely on our 25 years of experience disposing of medical waste in Michigan so you can reduce any potential risks.

Medical Waste Disposal in Muskegon, Michigan

What is Medical Waste?

Medical waste is any type of waste created by a healthcare facility or doctor’s office that contains potentially infectious materials. This type of waste is typically infectious, or hazardous. Federal and state regulations and standards have been put in place to ensure that this type of waste is handled and disposed of properly. There are many different types of medical waste, and the specific types will depend on the type of procedure that generated the waste. For example, syringes, needles, and lancets are considered sharps, whereas pathological waste includes human tissue and body fluids removed during surgery and autopsy.

Types of Medical Waste

Sharps, this is waste created when a patient receives injections or blood tests. This can include syringes, lancets, and needles. While sharps are usually the type of medical waste with the most press coverage, they are only one of many different types of medical waste. Pathological Waste, this type of medical waste is created when samples are taken during autopsies. Pathological waste is usually placed in yellow containers and sealed. Culture Waste, this type of medical waste is created when cultures of bacteria or other pathogens are grown in a laboratory. Pharmaceutical Waste, this type of medical waste is created when drugs are dispensed to patients, there is hazardous pharmaceutical waste and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.  Residual Waste, this type of medical waste is created when a procedure is performed but trace amounts of the substance remain, trace chemotherapy waste is one example.

Options for Disposing of Medical Waste in Muskegon, Michigan

The best option for disposing of medical waste is to hire an experienced professional medical waste disposal company. Our only job is disposing of your medical waste allowing you to focus on your business.

When looking for a medical waste disposal company, you will want to find a company that is experienced, hires and trains their own employees, owns and equips their own trucks, and most importantly can dispose of your medical waste in their own processing plant. A medical waste processing plant is regulated more than just a medical waste company that hauls your medical waste from point A to Point B.

At Bio-MED we have been providing medical waste disposal services for over 25 years, we directly employ the drivers, we own the trucks, and we have our own treatment plants. Contact us today for a quote in minutes, by us owning the entire process, we offer quality managed services at competitive prices.

Michigan Medical Waste Disposal Service Area

Michigan Medical Waste Disposal. Bio-MED services the entire state of Michigan including the following cities for medical waste disposal.

Muskegon, MI About

Muskegon, Michigan has an area of 18.12 square miles, of which 14.21 square miles is land and 3.91 square miles is water. The city is next to Lake Michigan to the west and Muskegon Lake to the north. The Muskegon River empties into Muskegon Lake at the city’s northeast end.

Muskegon, MI Biohazard Waste Disposal

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Bio-MED Regulated Waste Solutions
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Muskegon, Michigan Resources

Muskegon City Hall

933 Terrace St
Muskegon, MI 49440
(231) 724-6705

Muskegon City Police

980 Jefferson St
Muskegon, MI 49440
(231) 724-6750

Muskegon Fire Department

770 Terrace St
Muskegon, MI 49440
(231) 724-6792

Health Department

209 E Apple Ave
Muskegon, MI 49442
(231) 724-6246

Muskegon Public Works

1350 E Keating Ave
Muskegon, MI 49442
(231) 724-4100

Chamber of Commerce

380 W Western Ave
Muskegon, MI 49440
(231) 722-3751

Muskegon, Michigan Interesting Information

Muskegon is a city in the state of Michigan. It is the county seat of Muskegon County. Muskegon is known for fishing, sailing regattas, pleasure boating, and as a commercial and cruise ship port. It is a popular vacation destination because of the expansive freshwater beaches, historic architecture, and public art collection. It is the most populous city along the western shore of Michigan.

Key Benefits of Working With Bio-MED
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A Holistic Approach to Medical Waste Management

What truly sets Bio-MED apart is its holistic approach to medical waste management, covering every facet from collection and transportation to treatment and final disposal. This comprehensive system ensures regulatory compliance, safety, and environmental stewardship

Directly Hired and Trained Employees

warehouse medical waste processing

Specialized Fleet, including an All-Electric Vehicle

all electric medical waste transportation vehicle

Ownership of a Medical Waste Processing Plant

medical-waste-treatment plant

Reusable Containers: A Sustainable Solution

Managing Medical Waste Safety and Efficiency

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, Bio-MED employs eco-friendly practices in waste management, including reusable containers, all-electric medical waste transport vehicle, and a medical waste processing plant that reduces waste volume.

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