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Managing OSHA Compliance Training in the Workplace

Managing OSHA Compliance Training in the Workplace. Over the last two years, COVID had paused many in-person workplace functions. However, in the healthcare and related industries, those services have remained essential.  Employers and facility managers quickly identified the need to pivot some in-person functions to limit group gatherings, such as some forms of training like OSHA compliance.  The need to maintain OSHA compliance and certifications has been no less important and continues to be a priority in the workplace and governing agencies.

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Many parts of the country have returned to offices and resumed various in-person duties. Through the COVID crisis, some forced streamlined operations, like virtual OSHA compliance training have become standard procedures.  The ability to manage this type of workplace training virtually and independently or in a group setting allows for flexibility from facility to facility based on distinct needs and staff functions.

OSHA compliance training for the healthcare sector is available through an online program that offers the option to complete training sessions autonomously as well as traditional, class-like setting in a group.

Assessing Your Workplace Compliance

Is your staff up-to-date:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens training
  • HIPAA training
  • HAZCOM (Hazard Communication) training

In healthcare settings, generally, the trainings listed above are the three standard OSHA trainings that require annual renewal. This will be determined by your staff members’ roles and responsibilities.  During the height of the pandemic, it may have been easy for some businesses to fall behind on safety planning and staff training.  As most operations are getting back to routine, now is the perfect time to assess your workplace compliance and address any training or safety needs. Falling behind can be costly to your practice or facility.  Fines for violations can be expensive.  Partnering with Bio-MED will help keep you compliant and everyone safe.

OSHA Compliance Training Options

t Bio-MED, we offer a comprehensive online OSHA training program that allows for both in-person and virtual training options.  It’s easy-to-use and intuitive to navigate.  The online program helps manage your compliance year-round.

  • User-friendly online training portal, available from any device anytime
  • Individual and group on-demand training sessions
  • The ability to start and stop without losing progress
  • Assign and track employee progress
  • Easy to download certificates
  • Send reminders and notifications through the portal

In addition to essential OSHA training renewals, our program offers supplementary resources that aid in the safety and compliance management of your practice:

  • Safety audits
  • Safety plans
  • Federal regulations
  • ICD-10

Partnering with Bio-MED Medical Waste to Manage OSHA Compliance Training

We know that you have options when it comes to OSHA training programs. However, partnering with Bio-MED comes with the benefit of the experience and knowledge of our team. The program we offer allows you to manage your OSHA compliance training from anywhere, whether your team is completely back to the office or there are still remote functions. They’ll be able to access the software from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.  Bio-MED will help your business stay in compliance, with the value of managing OSHA training needs, to professional medical waste disposal services.  We have all of your workplace safety and regulatory compliance needs covered.

Get Started with Your OSHA Compliance Training

Whether you have 3 employees or 300, our online OSHA compliance program makes managing training for businesses and practices of all sizes simple. Our staff is well versed and can help answer any questions you may have to get started.  You can also request a free demo. Contact us today to get started.




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