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We do our best to provide our customers with as much information as they need to understand exactly how our services can help them. If you have any questions, explore our library of frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you're looking for, our team is always happy to help, so contact us with your questions at your convenience. 


Do I need a medical waste management company?
Yes –local, state, and federal regulations require medical waste to be properly managed by the generator, transporter, and treatment facilities to prevent risks of exposure or injury from potentially dangerous substances that could cause harm to people, the community, and the environment.
How quickly can I be set up with service?
Fast! Our process is simple and easy. Contact us for a quote and we can have you set up within minutes and on the schedule within days. It’s that easy.
How much will I pay for medical waste disposal services?
Pricing is based on several factors, including waste volume, type of waste, types of containers, number of sharps containers needed, service frequency, and your location(s). For a free and accurate quote, click here.
How do I change my frequency of service?
What waste types do you collect?
Bio-MED services all medical waste streams generated by a variety of industries. These wastes include regulated medical waste, sharps, document disposal, pharmaceutical, chemotherapy, hazardous, universal, and specialty waste. A major portion of the medical waste we collect is generated by healthcare facilities, dentists, and doctor’s offices, however there are many other industries and facilities we service that generate a variety of wastes.
Are there any wastes you do not accept/collect/dispose?
Unidentified waste, household hazardous waste, controlled substances, and medical waste not properly packaged or labelled cover most of the waste types we do not accept. If you have any questions about acceptable waste we collect, please contact us at (800) 736-2466 or email us.
How do I get a copy of my service calendar?

One of our client service team members can provide you a copy of your service calendar.  Please contact our client services at (800) 736-2466 or log into the client portal.

I am interested in having someone come to my facility and help us optimize our medical waste streams. Do you offer consulting services?

Document Shredding

Do you shred the documents on site or off site?
We shred the documents at our secure facility using an industrial size shredder.
I have a Bio-MED console. I lost my key. What do I do?


I have not received an invoice for my last service. How can I get a copy?
We apologize if there was a mishap with the mail or missed email. You can access documents, such as invoices on our online client portal or contact us at (800) 736-2466.
How do I make a payment?
Payments can be made online, mailed check, or by credit card. 
Can I receive invoices by email?
Yes! If you prefer to receive invoices by email only, please contact us at (800) 736-2466 or email us.

Client Portal

Yes, you can access documents, such as signed manifests on our online client portal. These are available in the Client Portal once the waste has been treated and properly disposed of, generally 24-48 hours after pick up.


Does Bio-MED provide medical waste containers to customers?
Yes, we have a variety of medical waste containers for all disposal needs. View options in our Products.
What size medical waste containers do you offer?
We have a variety of medical waste containers available. View options in our Products.
What size sharps containers do you have?
We have a variety of disposable and reusable sharps containers available. View options in our Products.

Waste Classifications

What is medical waste?
According to EPA regulations, generally, medical waste is waste that may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials and is often referred to as regulated medical waste. Medical waste is generated at healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, dental practices, blood banks, veterinary hospitals/clinics, as well as medical research facilities and laboratories. Check out our medical waste resource guide.
What are the different types of medical waste?
Some examples of different types of medical waste can include contaminated bandages/gauze, blood contaminated items, plastic tubing, contaminated PPE (personal protective equipment), and closed/lock disposable sharps. 
What is pathological waste?
Human pathological wastes, including tissues, organs, body parts and body fluids that are removed during surgery or autopsy, or other medical procedures, and specimens of body fluids and their containers. Check out our medical waste resource guide.
What is mercury?
Mercury is considered a hazardous waste and can be found in several products that must disposed of properly. Dental amalgam (“silver filling”), certain light bulbs, and some batteries contain mercury and are common waste streams in healthcare and other industries.
Where is mercury found?
Mercury can be found in a variety of consumer products, such as Dental amalgam (“silver filling”), certain light bulbs, and some batteries.
What are the impacts of mercury exposure to the environment if not disposed of properly?
If not disposed of properly, mercury containing products can enter publicly-owned waste treatment facilities not equipped to dispose of mercury resulting in mercury containing products being disposed of in landfills, emitted into the air, or deposited into water bodies, land, and vegetation subsequently contaminating the environment.
Do the different types of waste have to be separated?
Yes, the different types of waste (regulated medical waste, chemotherapeutic, and pathological) must each be placed in separate containers and labelled as such in order to accurately and properly manage and dispose of each type of waste correctly. Check out our medical waste resource guide.
What type of waste can placed in the medical waste box?
Types of waste that can be placed in the medical waste include, but not limited to are contaminated gloves and bandages/gauze, blood contaminated items, plastic tubing, and closed and locked shut disposable sharps containers, etc.
What types of waste can not be placed in the medical waste box?
Waste classified as hazardous or radioactive, loose syringes or needles, and glass items can not be placed in the medical waste box. 
What goes into a sharps container?
Items such as needles, syringes, test tubes, vials, slides, razors, scalpels, staples, broken glass, scissors, etc can all go into sharps containers. Check out our medical waste resource guide.

Compliance & Training

Do you offer OSHA online compliance training services?
Yes! Our comprehensive OSHA online compliance training service program includes a variety of training modules, as well as safety plan builders, safety audits, and more. Learn more about our OSHA online compliance training services.
How do I purchase more credits?
To purchase more credits for your account, please call us at (800) 736-2466 or email us.
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  • These guys are top-notch. Chris has been doing this long enough to know all the idiosyncrasies that come along with medical waste removal issues, and will save you a ton of problems. As far as reputable, professional and experienced, I recommend Detroit's own BioMED. You cannot go wrong with these guys! testimonial divider Bill K.
  • Our company (9 physician Orthopedic Practice) started with Bio-Medical Waste in January of 2013 after a long relationship with a larger company. I had researched the State of Michigan website for alternative companies and found their name. One thing we like is the personal relationship we have with Bio-MED. So call them for a professional, fairly priced service you will be thankful for. testimonial divider Diane P.
  • I know the owner, he is incredibly professional and passionate about the work he does. My experiences with Bio-MED have all been very impressive. From one professional to another, compliments Mr. Dreckman, I recommend your company highly. testimonial divider Matthew A.
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