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Secure Document Shredding


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Secure Document Shredding


Secure Document Shredding. In order to keep your patient’s information and records safe, the responsible way to dispose of it all is in a HIPAA compliant manner. Whether you need regular shredding services or a one time bulk collection, Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters can provide secure document shredding to your business.


Secure Patient Records and Important Information with Medical Document Shredding in Michigan and Ohio



Customized and Sustainable Solutions for Document Shredding


If your company keeps sensitive information about your business, your clients, or your patients in physical copies, and you need a safe way to get rid of them, contacting Bio-MED should be at the top of your priority list. We help you save time by taking the burden of shredding your own documents off of your shoulders and have customizable services and solutions to pick up your documents as frequently as necessary so you don’t wind up with piles of documents waiting to be disposed of. Our shredding service is cost-effective for routine shredding as well as one time bulk shredding. Once your documents have been shredded, they are then recycled into reusable products once more.

Our Shredding Services are HIPAA Compliant. Most importantly, our document shredding is secure so there is no way in which your documents will be tampered with. If you are like most companies, you are probably required to comply with HIPAA regulations when it comes to disposing of your patient’s medical records. Hiring a company who understands the importance of securely shredding these documents can protect you and your business. Upon completion of shredding your documents, we present you with a Certificate of Destruction to prove that your information has been properly taken care of. You can rely on Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters for secure document shredding as often as you need us. Contact our office today to schedule a date and time for document pickup.




Benefits of Using a Professional Records Shredding Company

May 25, 2022

Benefits of Using a Professional Records Shredding Company Benefits of Using a Professional Records Shredding Company. Keeping your patient’s and staff member’s personal information protected is an important role of your practice or business. In many industries, especially healthcare, there are sensitive documents with personal information that must be handled in a compliant manner, whether […]

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