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Benefits of Using a Professional Records Shredding Company

Benefits of Using a Professional Records Shredding Company. Keeping your patient’s and staff member’s personal information protected is an important role of your practice or business. In many industries, especially healthcare, there are sensitive documents with personal information that must be handled in a compliant manner, whether it’s storage of the records or documents, or the destruction method after their retention period. Working with a reputable shredding company will help keep you HIPAA compliant and have the confidence knowing your sensitive documentation has been handled securely. Besides protecting one’s privacy, hiring a professional records shredding company has other advantages your practice or business can benefit from.

Benefits of Using a Professional Records Shredding Company

Benefits of Using a Professional Records Shredding Company

Increasing Productivity

Many medical offices or businesses have tried to take on the task of shredding themselves. It can become very tedious and overwhelming. It takes time to feed the small shredding machine and many can only take very small amounts at a time. It can also slow you down when paper clips or binder clips have to be removed. Then of course emptying the shredder when it’s full.

The time it takes to do all of these tasks by your employee or employees, are better spent increasing productivity that generates revenue for your business. With console service, you place the receptacles where it’s most efficient for your operation, and depositing the paper or records is simple and secure.

Saves You Money

If you are trying to manage your shredding in-house, you know how expensive it can be. Some examples of your costs are purchasing the shredders, buying disposal bags, maintenance on the shredders, and replacing inoperable equipment to name a few. Leave those expenses to the professional instead.

Minimizing Liability

As a healthcare provider or business with access to sensitive, personal information, you and your staff have a legal obligation to maintain privacy standards which are enforced by local, state, and federal regulations.

When partnering with a professional and reputable shred company, this ensures that the destruction of your patient, staff, or customer records complies with privacy protection standards outlined by local, state, and federal laws. Your shredding company should always provide a certificate of destruction which helps further reduce potential liability risks. The certificate of destruction will indicate proof of date, time, and method of compliant destruction.

Protect Your Reputation

Your reputation as a business owner or healthcare provider is one of your most valuable assets. Destroying records and documents with sensitive information, if not done properly, can have severe consequences. The sensitive information can get into the wrong hands, which can compromise trust between you and your patients or customers, and your staff. Privacy breaches can easily become headline news and spread throughout communities quickly.

Partnering with trusted companies that have a long history of experience managing document shredding helps protect your reputation as well. Shred management companies understand the strict regulations and processes to keep sensitive information secure through it’s destruction.

A Healthier Environment

Most professional shredding management companies, once shredded and destroyed, bail the shred and send it off to be recycled. While you can do this at your office, you do run the risk of the wrong person gaining access to bags of shred containing confidential information.

Partner With a Reputable and Professional Shredding Company

At Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters, we have over 25 years experience managing sensitive waste such as medical waste and records shredding for customers and clients throughout Michigan, Ohio, and northern Kentucky. From doctors and dentists, to mortuaries, and urgent care facilities, we have the extensive knowledge it takes to help keep our customers compliant. We are the experts at managing regulated waste for generators of all sizes. With a spotless record, we always adhere to all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements so you can feel confident knowing your shredding is being managed properly keeping you, your staff, and your patient’s confidential information safe and avoid any noncompliance fines. Contact us today for a free service quote or to get started today with document shredding service.




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