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Shredding Services

Shredding Services. When most people think of shredding, they automatically default to paper or document shredding. However, the number of documents being transferred to digital formats takes the concept of shredding to entirely new levels. The technologies that we store critical information is now viewed as a priority for destruction, and as we attempt to transition to a paperless society, and with the addition of state and federal laws regarding protection of proprietary and customer/patient data, every business is being faced with the requirement for both document and digital shredding. To accomplish these tasks on a high security level, organizations are turning to licensed, professional data destruction companies for shredding services.

Shredding Services

Why Shredding Services Are Important

Breaches may be most known as those accomplished by hackers that break into a network, however, criminals will attempt any form of theft to access proprietary and personal information. One of the easiest methods of theft is insecure disposal and re-use of devices that have reached end-of-life and are replaced by newer technologies. Tech savvy criminals can buy these devices on eBay, look for them at nonprofits where they are donated, or buy them at bulk commercial locations where they are sold for parts. Patient, customer, client, and company information is held on these devices when an organization simply assumed that “deleting” would get rid of the data.

Organizations that use their own in-house strip shredders to save money have found that criminals have accessed the strips and re-assembled them to expose sensitive company and personal information.

Best Practices for Data Destruction Companies

When looking for a company that will be responsible for all data destruction there are a few best practices that will be a priority to assure that all documents and devices are being destroyed:

  • The company owns the trucks and the data destruction facilities
  • The company drivers and staff are all employed by the company
  • The company supplies secure containers for all documents and technology devices
  • The company schedules regular pickups of secure containers and takes them directly to the facilities for destruction
  • The company supplies certificate(s) of destruction
  • The company is flexible for any change in schedule or volume for pick up
  • The company reviews the various types of destruction used for both paper and devices
  • The company has a complete understanding of all state and federal laws regarding document and device destruction
  • The company has an online customer portal available for questions and contact
  • The company has online portal for compliance inquiries
  • The company has professionals that will counsel to assist in security practices

Industries that Require Shredding Services

Any organization that has proprietary information regarding their internal alliances, partnerships, pricing, customer lists, contracts, hiring data, and any sensitive documents and data should be concerned with and act on shredding both paper and devices when they are no longer relevant.

The industries that have been targeted and have suffered the most breaches are:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Public Administration
  • Information (Private, Public and Cloud storage)
  • Professional/Scientific
  • Education
  • Manufacturing

When you partner with a professional shredding service like Bio-MED Confidential Document Destruction, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Call today for a free shredding service quote.




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