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Specialty Waste Services

Non-Regulated Waste Services for the Specialty Waste Your Business Generates in Michigan and Ohio

No matter the amount of specialized waste, we have solutions to optimize your waste disposal. Of course, Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters takes all necessary safety precautions when disposing of your non-regulated waste that comply with all  local, state, and federal laws. From consulting services to disposal solutions, you can rely on us for help no matter how much waste your business produces.

Non-Regulated & Specialty Waste Services: Michigan & Ohio | Bio-Med - spec1

We Offer Specialty Waste Consulting and Auditing Services

Many industries, such as healthcare and commercial, are left with uncommon waste that need to be disposed of in a unique and responsible way, but are in search of how to best do so. Bio-MED can provide you with direction as to how best handle such waste, including sugars, acids, bromides, and carbonates, while strictly adhering to all OSHA, HIPAA, ADA, or EPA regulations. If you are interested in identifying opportunities to reduce the amount of waste your company is producing, we can take you through an extensive auditing process to do just that. Contact us for help putting together a comprehensive and responsible waste removal or reduction plan for your business. 

Get Help with Your Specialty Waste Removal

Our Methods of Disposal for Non-Regulated Wastes Include but are Not Limited to:

  • Solidification
  • Incineration
  • Shredding
  • Recycling
  • And more
Non-Regulated & Specialty Waste Services: Michigan & Ohio | Bio-Med - waste

Count on Our Services for Witnessed Product Destruction and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

We understand that there are specific times where Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) and witnessed destruction requires certain waste to be handled with special care, from food and products to narcotics, rejected cargo, and packaging materials. We provide extensive and witnessed destruction services and solutions to guarantee that your waste is disposed of properly without fail. Whether you need international products destroyed, or you just want our waste specialists to oversee the destruction of your waste, Bio-MED Medical Transporters is the professional and confidential team you can count on. 

Contact Us for Product Destruction
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  • These guys are top-notch. Chris has been doing this long enough to know all the idiosyncrasies that come along with medical waste removal issues, and will save you a ton of problems. As far as reputable, professional and experienced, I recommend Detroit's own BioMED. You cannot go wrong with these guys! testimonial divider Bill K.
  • Our company (9 physician Orthopedic Practice) started with Bio-Medical Waste in January of 2013 after a long relationship with a larger company. I had researched the State of Michigan website for alternative companies and found their name. One thing we like is the personal relationship we have with Bio-MED. So call them for a professional, fairly priced service you will be thankful for. testimonial divider Diane P.
  • I know the owner, he is incredibly professional and passionate about the work he does. My experiences with Bio-MED have all been very impressive. From one professional to another, compliments Mr. Dreckman, I recommend your company highly. testimonial divider Matthew A.
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