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Sharps Management


Sharps Management. No matter what kind of sharp tools or medical instruments your office or hospital uses to complete day-to-day work, having a proper disposal system in place to contain these sharp objects is critical to ensuring the safety of staff and patients. We offer safe disposal services and solutions for a variety of industries in Michigan and Ohio.


Sharps Management for Medical Professionals in Michigan



Proper Sharps Disposal is Essential in Protecting Your Staff and Patients


In medicine, doctors and other medical professionals use a variety of needles, syringes, and scalpels to properly treat patients. Sharps containers and management services ensure that people are safe from contamination and injury by way of contact. To achieve this, sharps must be disposed of immediately after use in a leak-proof, puncture-proof container that has the ability to close and have specific labels deeming it biohazardous. Together with proper disposal and safe removal, we can reduce the risks associated with sharps, including coming into contact with contagious bloodborne pathogens. Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters has a variety of sharps management containers to keep your business, staff, and patients safe from injury. Contact us today to set up your sharps services.

What Kind of Sharps Containers Do You Need? The size and shape of your sharps container will depend on what you are disposing of and how often you use it. Obviously, the more you use objects such as needles and syringes, the more volume you will have to dispose of safely. Larger sharps containers might be more ideal for your profession. To get a better idea of what size would work best for you, head over to explore our sharps management products.




Be Smart About Sharps

May 25, 2022

Be Smart About Sharps Be Smart About Sharps. Dealing with needles and other sharps in the workplace is serious business. Whether you’re working in a hospital, doctor’s office, or a tattoo shop, handling sharps within the workplace requires safety protocols in place to protect staff, patients or customers, and anyone handling the biohazardous waste. Having […]

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